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Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim –

What an incredibly emotional moment this is for me… a year ago, today, I accepted Islam and became part of a family that consists of billions of people, all around the world. And I thank Allāh that it has fallen on one of the most blessed days of the year. First and foremost, may Allāh make it a blessed Ramadan for all of us, and may He allow us to strengthen our imān, as well as our bonds with one another. May we make the most of every precious moment, and act not without the intention of doing good deeds for the people around us. And may Allāh allow us to begin a new chapter within our worship. Ameen.

If I had to offer only one bit of advice to reverts and born-Muslims, alike, it would be to stay away from underestimating the blessings and rewards of maintaining patience. For many months, my family was worried about me. For many months, I was worried about them. For many months, my life was floating, somewhat chaotically, between the Masjid and my home life, and I struggled greatly to balance the two. For many months, I prayed alongside YouTube videos, hoping that I would someday be able to pray, in Arabic, on my own (which seemed nearly impossible). For many months, I cried everyday, because I am the only Muslim in my family, and I yearned so deeply for companionship and understanding from the people that I love. For many months, I questioned if I was capable of continuing with Islam. For many months, I wondered… “Is it worth it?”

The main characteristic of patience is resisting the temptation to give up, and I’ve wanted to give up so many times. BUT… something within my heart didn’t let me. My love for Allāh, subhanahu wa ta’ala, didn’t let me. And with every effort in resisting temptation, for the sake of Allāh, a deeper sense of awareness is gained, as well as a realization that everything has been worth the struggle.

Now, after a year, all I can do is thank Allāh for not allowing me to go astray, and potentially ending up back at square one, which was a place where I was bound to destroy my heart and my soul. All I can do is thank Allāh for granting to me the ability to find ease within my struggle. Not only does my family now support me, but the people who are closest to me are proud that I am a Muslim, including my beloved mother. Alhamdulillah.

My intention, within this message, is to speak to those who are struggling with imān – please, don’t give up. No matter what hardship you may be facing, if you are striving to live for the sake of Allāh, you are bound to succeed, you are bound to persevere, and you are bound to attain what you seek; after all, what you seek, is seeking you.

May Allāh be with us all.

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.